Less than 2% of all civil law suits filed in the United States today are resolved by a jury trial. Less than 2%.

I help businesses and families reach real solutions in the other 98%.

Mediation, Arbitration, Special Master, Settlement Counsel

The costs of litigation are staggering.1

Outcomes are unpredictable.2

But just "caving in" is not an option.

I bring experience and professionalism to this conundrum as a mediator, arbitrator, special master and settlement counsel to manage process and facilitate solutions.

Mediation. My business dispute ADR practice is conducted exclusively through Henning Mediation and Arbitration, Inc., the premier ADR provider in Atlanta for over fifteen years.

Arbitration. Cheaper, faster, better. As an arbitrator I work to restore the broken promises of arbitration. I serve on panels administered by Henning Mediation and Arbitration and the American Arbitration Association.

Special Master. Overcrowded court dockets cripple civil litigation processes. As Special Master appointed by the Court I help parties keep litigation on target. Motions can be decided in days, discovery disputes resolved real time.

Settlement Counsel. A trial lawyer is trained to advocate and fight. Most do that very well. Complex disputes require a perspective beyond the fight. As independent Settlement Counsel I help businesses plan and manage dispute processes for what now happens 98% of the time – resolution outside the courtroom.

1A recent study by the U. S. Department of Commerce found that litigation expense now averages just over 2% of GDP annually – $247 billion in 2006 and growing at over 4% per year. “The Litigation Environment And Foreign Direct Investment; Supporting U.S. Competitiveness by Reducing Legal Costs And Uncertainty” (2008).

2Insight Or Wishful: Lawyers’ Ability To Predict Case Outcomes; Psychology Public Policy and Law, 2010, Vol. 16, No.2, 133-157.