"We recently used Ken Kendrick in a very serious commercial litigation matter that I thought could never be settled. Ken's perseverance, patience and knowledge over a two day period, and then following up on the phone after we adjourned, settled the case. I can't say enough good things about Ken and his ability. If he could settle our case, he can settle any case. You can be assured we will use Ken again. He is tops."

Roy E. Barnes, The Barnes Law Group

"I want to express my appreciation for the skill and diplomacy with which you mediated the litigation between Dr. Kaswan and the University of Georgia Research Foundation. Based on my prior attempts to negotiate a settlement of the litigation, I was skeptical as to whether the mediation would be successful. It was a pleasure having you as our mediator. I would welcome the opportunity to recommend you to other lawyers in the future."

Emmet Bondurant, Bondurant Mixon & Elmore, LLC

"Ken's mediation talents helped us settle a complex patent and trademark case between competitors with a bitter decade long litigation history. We had a low expectation of success heading into mediation. Ken masterfully identified the foundational points of agreement between the parties and our true points of conflict. We concluded our mediation with a signed settlement agreement. This case would not have settled without Kenís assistance."

Luke Anderson, Duane Morris LLP

"Ken Kendrick is an outstanding business mediator who has the ability to simplify complex legal problems and present the case to the opposing parties in such a way that settlement is made possible. He is a complement to our profession."

Ed Tolley, Cook Noell Tolley & Bates, LLP

"Ken did a wonderful job helping us work through a complicated intellectual property case. Ken's dedication and creativity over two days was essential to getting the case resolved."

Eric Frisch, Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLC

"Ken Kendrick was excellent. He was insightful, practical and was not hesitant to jettison unproductive participants from the mediation. I would highly recommend him and request him again."

Monica K. Gilroy, Dickenson Gilroy LLC

"Ken Kendrick was terrific. He was well informed, and very engaged in our case. His insight was very helpful throughout the process."

Charles Van Horn, Berman Fink Van Horn PC

"Ken Kendrick did a great job. I did not think the case had much hope of settling at mediation. Ken's good work got the Defendant to realistically assess its exposure, and make a fair offer."

Eric L. Jensen, Graham & Penman, LLP

"Mr. Kendrick is the epitome of professionalism and creativity. Without his efforts we would have been unable to resolve a very complicated property dispute case and he assisted well beyond mediation day to ensure that the agreement was consummated to the satisfaction of all parties."

Martha Turner, Franzen & Salzano